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We believe that every woman has her own beauty, and that’s why our commitment is to make all sistaz look themselves in the mirror, dream and have the opportunity to enhance their beauty with grace and creativity using our 100% human hair. It’s not just about offering the best products, we want to highlight your beauty and make your dreams come true!!!


Ella Wig

Ella is beautiful, Ella is fun, Ella knows what she wants.


Be Bold. Buy our Straight Lace Front Wig now.

Rose is fun

Have fun and celebrate you. Buy our Rose Shot Bob Lace Front Wig.
It is available from 8 to 16 inches.

Be Unique

Our Nia Ombre Red Lace Wig is made for Sistaz that are unique in the way they present themselves and display their beauty.


Best Sellers



LIFE isn’t perfect… but your HAIR can be, if YOU want!!!



There’s just something about a woman with short hair that screams POWER…



Curly Girl…It’s more than just hair, it’s an ATTITUDE!!


4Sistaz is a company created by women, for women.
At 4Sistaz your beauty is our mission, so we offer a wide range of top quality wigs and extensions. And because we understand that “true Sistaz” love versatility, we provide a great variety of looks designed to make you the best version of yourselves… that’s our magic!

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