Maintenance and Care

Hair Quality


4Sistaz offers high quality Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian 100% human virgin and remy hair, with a natural feel and great versatility.

Our hair allows you to wash, paint, use heat styling tools like flat irons, Babyliss curling wand and dryers, so you are able to style your hair as desired.

Our 100% human hair is similar to your own hair and therefore, when well cared for, it has a high durability of approximately one year.


Maintenance and Care

How to care for your hair

As with natural hair, 4sistaz’s 100% human hair requires some special care to maintain its quality and durability, so that you can fully enjoy all the benefits of high-quality hair:

  • Use dryer, flat iron and other sources of heat in moderation, always with heat protectant, in order to maintain the durability of your extensions;
  • Always use wide tooth combs or brushes to detangle; curly hair should be detangled damp and with conditioner, NEVER dry;
  • Wash and condition extensions and wigs according to the frequency of use, to maintain quality (eg weekly or bi-weekly if there is a frequent use of glue, styling creams, gel, etc.). At least 1 time a month do a deep treatment to revitalize your hair;
  • When rinsing the hair, the water should ALWAYS flow in the same direction of the hair to prevent the hair from becoming tangled and matted;
  • Never place a wet wig on a mannequin or styrofoam head. Use a folding wig stand or a tall can of hairspray;
    You can dye your 4Sistaz’s 100% human hair on your own, however, we advise you to seek help from a professional for best results;
  • Avoid contact with salty water and chlorine as it damages the hair;
  • Never store your wig moist, wet or with hair products; make sure the wig is completely dry and detangled before you store. You can do one or two braids on long hair wigs to preserve them better while stored.


The frequency of the washing depends on the usage. If you are using the wig daily, wash it once a week with warm water to remove hair products, gel, glue, makeup;

You can use any shampoo and conditioner of your choice, but we advise you to choose brands that have less chemicals that damage the hair;


1 Detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb, from the tips to the root;

2 Gently wet the hair (do not need to soak hair with water), apply and distribute the shampoo evenly, with your fingers, as when you are finger detangling;

3 Rinse with warm water;

4 Apply and distribute the conditioner as when you are finger detangling;

5 Remove the conditioner with warm water;

6 Remove excess water gently patting and pressing the hair with a towel without rubbing, twisting or squeezing it;

7 Allow it to air dry totally.

Maintenance and Care

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