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Terms of Use of the 4Sistaz.com website


  1. Introduction

This document (“Terms of Use”) is a binding legal agreement and includes the terms and conditions that govern the access and use of the website by the user (“User”) dev.sistaz.com (“Website”). The Website is run by 4Sistaz (Bernardo & Gloria Lda), a company incorporated under Portuguese law (“4Sistaz”).


4Sistaz aims to use the Website to provide informative and promotional services related to its hair products retail trade, as well as beauty trends, or other similar information on its initiatives, such as sponsorships, opportunities to take part in contests, social responsibility initiatives, etc. The Website contains relevant information and is aimed at all those who are interested in the activities carried out by 4Sistaz, establishing a place for sharing with consumers or professional clients and communication with its customers.


The Website provides a variety of information and content on the presentation of collections, trends, services provided at 4Sistaz shops, loyalty card programme (if applicable), promotional campaigns, company information and contact information.

The Website can also be used to purchase items online. For a more detailed description of this kind of distance commerce, please see the applicable Terms and Conditions. (linkar para termos e condições)


  1. Intellectual property

The Content is the property of 4Sistaz and/or its licensors and is protected by the applicable intellectual property laws.

Users may not copy, distribute or proceed, in any way, with any use of the Content without express written authorisation from 4Sistaz, including commercial use, granting licences, changing, editing and/or adapting the Content.

Users undertake not to use the Content by any means that is not expressly provided for in these Terms of Use and declare that they are fully aware of this limitation.


  1. Exclusion of liability

The Website is provided “as is” and 4Sistaz reserves the right to permanently change the features and Content of the Website.

Users accept the risks of using the Website (and its Content) or the risk of interoperability this may cause to their access device (computer, mobile phone or other).

Insofar as permitted by the applicable law, 4Sistaz does not provide any express or implicit guarantees in relation to the quality of the Website or the Content, or as to the availability or the suitability of these for a certain purpose.

Insofar as permitted by the applicable law, 4Sistaz may not be held liable for any direct, indirect, temporary or resulting damage (including, but not limited to, the loss of data, interruptions, computer errors or economic losses) occurring during the use of the Website or due to the impossibility of using it.


  1. Updates and/or interruptions

4Sistaz will make every effort to keep the Website in operation. However, it is possible that errors or technical problems or occasional maintenance will cause interruptions or even suspension for an extended period of time. 4Sistaz reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or suspend features of the Website at any time, with or without prior warning of such occurrence.


  1. Personal Data Handling

For detailed information on how Users’ personal data will be handled, processed and eliminated, please access the Website’s privacy policy.


  1. Invalidity or Ineffectiveness

If for any reason, any clause of the Terms of Use is declared totally or partially invalid or not applicable, this will be eliminated, without affecting the validity of the remaining clauses of the Terms of Use. Any clause declared partially invalid will be applicable insofar as possible.


  1. Changes to the clauses / to the Terms of Use

4Sistaz reserves the right to change the Terms of Use by publication of an updated version of them on the Website. Continued use of the Website will be taken as acceptance of the new version of the Terms of Use by the User.


  1. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The Terms of Use are governed by portuguese law. To settle any issues arising from these Terms of Use, the competent jurisdiction shall be Lisbon District, with express renouncement of any other.

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Terms and Conditions